The project

NWO Talent Programme – VENI laureate 2020

The project

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the predominant cause of physical disability in childhood. Solely in Europe, a baby with CP is born every 53 minutes.

CP can be defined as a group of neurological disorders that appears in infancy as the result of a non-progressive injury to the central nervous system. Individuals with CP experience pathological gait patterns that progress over-time with child’s grow, increasing energy cost of walking and causing pain and joint degeneration

With inGAIT project, we aim to go beyond the conventional methods of CP rehabilitation by investigating the expansion of novel technologies to daily-life. Our motivation for this research is to improve the quality of life of children with CP and similar motor disorders.

Defined goals

1. Create a multidisciplinary team to identify, understand and quantify the primary necessities to assist pathological derived from CP in real-life settings
2. Design and develop a quasi-passive device (primarily for the ankle joint) to improve mobility out of clinical settings
3. Generate some preliminary evidences of the acceptance, usability and feasibility of the device with real patients

Work-packages of inGAIT project

inGAIT will generate scientific impact by
• Providing significant understanding of requirements to assist motor impairments in CP 
• Exploiting possible mechanisms to modulate the assistance and reduce the effect of pathological gait in daily-life activities 
• Classifying combinations of gait assistance to maximize functional outcomes of treatments

inGAIT device will extend the use of novel technologies to daily-life situations

inGAIT will provide a fundamental contribution to allow ambulatory children affected with CP to improve their performance in daily-life activities. It will directly impact in the society acceptance, their independence and quality of life. Moreover, the forecasted increased mobility will help to reduce contractures and joint degeneration over-time, which will decrease healthcare costs.

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